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An ISO 9001 & CE 0434 certified company offering a wide range of surgical disposable products like disposable I.V. cannulas, I.V. catheters, etc. exhibiting quality and technology....

About Us
Dispokit Surgicals is a well recognized manufacturer and exporter of high quality surgical disposable products like I.V. Cannulas and
I.V. Catheters in different sizes including 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G and 24G. We are also a noted importer of those surgical equipments which are rarely found in the Indian Market such as PTFE Tubings, Needles, Paper, Silicon Tubes, etc.

Since its inception in 1996, the company has grown tremendously in various business operations. Specializing in I.V. Cannula, the company has grown to become a name that can be trusted for good quality surgical disposable products at reasonable prices.

The company is headed by Mr. G.C. Arora & Shiv Arora, who have long years of industry's knowledge and experience. The company has developed a new manufacturing technique which is innovative and efficient in giving satisfactory output. We are backed by a large number of highly qualified professionals who are expert in their specialized area. The company is also proud of being fully equipped with a state of the art R&D center in addition to  a world class  quality examination cell.

The company, with its commitment to quality, has carved a niche for itself in the field of surgical equipments. So much so that the company's name has grown synonymous with quality and reliability in countries across the world. All the
surgical disposable products of the company are subjected to stringent quality control checks to ensure best quality and reliability.

Salient Features:

Our International Brands - Vesiflon, Vesicath, Vesican & Infocan have distinctly superior features as follows:

  1. Design: Dispokit range of I.V. cannula has been designed to make user friendly and excellent acceptability to the end users.

  2. PTFE Catheter: International Quality of  (P.T.F.E. Tubing) is completely imported one.

  3. The TIP of the Catheter: The tip of the Catheter is tapered doubly with Chamfer which ensures a smooth cannulation. Also the precision design and top quality P.T.F.E. Tubing not only ensures easy cannulation but also nullifies any chance of Thrombophlebitis.

  4. Needle: High Precision Imported Stainless Steel needle with Back cut ground, beveled & siliconised for easy, smooth and painless venepuncture.

  5. Non-Return Valve: Inside the Injection port for extra medication. This unidirectional valve with its smooth inner surface is specially designed for uninterrupted free flow of fluids. The outer diameter synchronizes inner diameter of the main body and weeds any possibility of leakages.

  6. Ultrasonic Cleansing: Dispokit range of I.V. cannula is ultrasonically cleaned, smoothened and has three face back cut levels.

  7. Sterilization: Each and every I.V. cannula is sterilized with Ethylene Oxide Gas and passes through 100% Sterility Test.

  8. Every I.V. cannula is packed in special  and Medical Grade Paper to ensure perfect peel off.

  9. The Dispokit range of I.V. cannulas are manufactured matching with the international quality parameters. We have quality excellence certifications of CE 0434 (from DNV-Norway) and ISO 9001 by the joint accreditation system of Australia & New Zealand.

  10. Dispokit range of I.V. cannula is available in various colors and dimension. 

Our Products
Dispokit Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. manufacturers and exports an impressive series of surgical disposable products like cannulas and catheters in various designs and dimensions for sure sort result with no fear of infections at all. Our wide product spectrum includes:
  • I.V.Catheters:-  14G, 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G and 24G.     
  • I.V.Cannulas:- Cannula For Neonates,  Pen Type Cannula, 3 Way I.V. Cannula, etc.        

Pen Type Canula
Pen Type Canula
Threeway I. V. Cannula
Threeway I. V. Cannula
I.V.Cannula For Neonates
I.V.Cannula For Neonates